Microtron Ltd - IT Solutions - NZ

Charging rates


Microtron charges typically at a rate of $40 plus GST per hour with a minimum charge for consultation of $15 plus GST.  This amount is well below average for the Industry and furthermore the way that hours are calculated does not take into account many unexpected problems that may occur, meaning that estimates are usually adhered to and that the final charge is sometimes less than the estimate.  If an estimate is given in a situation where more information is required, when the information does become available a revised estimate may be given, which in turn requires your approval before the job proceeds.

Websites projects may start with an estimate of one off cost, along with a monthly maintenance/hosting rate. Significant subsequent changes to the website are not covered by the maintenance/hosting rate and would require a further charge. The complexity of the website will determine these charges and the actual cost is likely to be similar to the estimate, unless more unforeseen requirements arise. 

Backup services are primarily based on a monthly charge which can be quoted. There may also be a set up charge if the set up process takes excessive time. 

Travel will be charged for at normal rates, such as cost/km (possibly $0.72/km) for a car. Time spent may also be included in travel costs. 

There may be expenses relating to equipment. In particular, this would apply to building prototype Arduino circuits which are for the benefit of only one customer.

Charges for assistance to students and the elderly will usually be $25 including GST per hour with a minimum charge for assistance of $10 including GST.

Websites, Facebook advertising, Arduino robots, Raspberry Pi and phone applications, Music notation and MIDI, Tutoring, Automatic back-up, Networking, Simple web invoicing using secure HTML, Standard Gcode Programs for lathes, Automated G-code, Linux, Windows and Mac administration, Auto-mated Documentation including Jobsheets and invoicing, Database applications, Everyday computer and device problems.