Microtron Ltd - IT Solutions - NZ

Automated Documentation

Microtron offers programming services for automation of routine office tasks, depending on the complexity and what devices must be interfaced. Some common tasks may already have a solution such as commercially available software, but if development is warranted we may offer that service. Microtron may be able to provide problem solving and tutoring services for some office software. Sometimes we offer a service to liaise with remote product support services by phone on your behalf when we are present at your premises. 

Databases can be accessed across the Internet (protected by complex passwords) or more securely across a local network only.  Highly secure Internet access (VPN) can also be provided from specified machines to a local network.

This service may be supplied across New Zealand.

Websites, Facebook advertising, Arduino robots, Raspberry Pi and phone applications, Music notation and MIDI, Tutoring, Automatic back-up, Networking, Simple web invoicing using secure HTML, Standard Gcode Programs for lathes, Automated G-code, Linux, Windows and Mac administration, Auto-mated Documentation including Jobsheets and invoicing, Database applications, Everyday computer and device problems.