Microtron Ltd - IT Solutions - NZ


Microtron offers tutoring for the use of word processors, other office products (MS office and Open Office) and music software.  Also multimedia applications on Windows, Mac or Linux can covered.  Music software can involve music notation or MIDI and instruments connected to that.  Some recommended software is free and some is commercial.  We can help install these and teach you how to use them.  This can be done remotely or through a visit.

Microtron also offers a service for students (High School or University) for tutoring and either helping when they get stuck to understand their notes and the problem, or by doing detailed study of notes.  For University most undergraduate computer courses are covered.  For High School most regular subjects are covered, though assistance with essays will usually involve how to plan and write the essay (e.g. picking themes and patterns) rather than much detail of the topic.  This type of tutoring will usually occur between 4pm and 7pm.  Short sessions are possible, to solve a particular problem, as are longer sessions on course content and study notes.  These sessions will usually occur by skype (to share your desktop) or phone. In person sessions are also possible for Hamilton based students.

This service is offered across New Zealand.



Websites, Facebook advertising, Arduino robots, Raspberry Pi and phone applications, Music notation and MIDI, Tutoring, Automatic back-up, Networking, Simple web invoicing using secure HTML, Standard Gcode Programs for lathes, Automated G-code, Linux, Windows and Mac administration, Auto-mated Documentation including Jobsheets and invoicing, Database applications, Everyday computer and device problems.