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Website design and maintenance

Microtron offers website development services. If you have interesting ideas we may be able to accommodate that. Microtron applies hourly fees during initial development, however price estimates are taken into account, and once established there is a monthly charge. The set up fee covers initial design, building and marketing. The monthly maintenance charge covers administration, some corrections and improvements to the website and hosting fees. Domains, which are the web address of your business, including email domains are a separate charge. Substantial extra changes to the website are also a separate charge, however for Joomla websites it may be possible to train an employee of yours to make some straight forward changes to content. Microtron aims to offer middle of the range websites at a reasonable cost, however we also offer basic websites. Goods purchasing may also be part of your website. 

Yours domains (e.g. the URL www.microtron.co.nz) are yours to keep though administered by Microtron.  It is usually possible to transfer administration if needed.  Domains may only be kept by paying the yearly charge.  For a reasonable fee it is also possible to receive a backup of the website, which can be used to set up the site on another web host service.

If you can describe what you want in your website, or even do a mock up in Powerpoint or Word, Microtron can estimate the costs to do your website.

This service is supplied across New Zealand.

Examples of work:

This website: microtron.co.nz



Websites, Facebook advertising, Arduino robots, Raspberry Pi and phone applications, Music notation and MIDI, Tutoring, Automatic back-up, Networking, Simple web invoicing using secure HTML, Standard Gcode Programs for lathes, Automated G-code, Linux, Windows and Mac administration, Auto-mated Documentation including Jobsheets and invoicing, Database applications, Everyday computer and device problems.