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G-code and automation

Microtron can provide assistance in writing G-code for lathes using standard G-code such as is used by Fanuc and Syntec. In addition to this we provide a service writing G-code using software, where dimensions are input and the resized G-code is written to a G-code text file. This later service can be offered for a large variety of lathes and mills. Once the basic G-code is obtained the points in the program where the code varies are identified, and a user interface is developed to request the necessary data before the application specific G-code is written. 

Assistance with the use of Fusion 360 is also provided as a service, including setting up post processing options if available for your machine.

G-code writer programs can be written for customers across New Zealand as can standard G-code. Visits to actual machines to write Standard G-code and assist with testing will usually be in the Hamilton/Waikato area. Fusion 360 support can occur via Skype or Team viewer anywhere across New Zealand.

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