Microtron Ltd - IT Solutions - NZ

Network Installation and Maintenance

Microtron offers services to set up networks and to maintain them. This includes servers, computers, printers and other peripherals. Operating systems include Windows, Linux or a mix of these. These services include restoring backed up systems after a crash, configuring network drives and firewalls. 

Linux servers can host windows programs. However, the advantage of linux is that it offers very good stability and security against viruses. 

Microtron may provide this service in the Hamilton/Waikato area.

Websites, Facebook advertising, Arduino robots, Raspberry Pi and phone applications, Music notation and MIDI, Tutoring, Automatic back-up, Networking, Simple web invoicing using secure HTML, Standard Gcode Programs for lathes, Automated G-code, Linux, Windows and Mac administration, Auto-mated Documentation including Jobsheets and invoicing, Database applications, Everyday computer and device problems.