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About CSVEditor for Laravel database flat files etc.
You may not compile or use this software if you do not accept this agreement. This software is still under development and has not been comprehensively debugged.

The usual format for this is comma delimited and quoted text. Excel files can also be edited though a strict rectangular layout is required.

This program and its source are free and may be modified and sold. It may also be shared freely.

There is no requirement for you to disclose your source code.

The only requirement is that you keep the help link to the Microtron NZ website (and this Microtron NZ disclaimer) as initial developer to provide the location and access to this source code and for the sake of advertising.

This software is provided "as-is," without any implied or express warranty. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this program. No guarantee is provided and no liability for bugs or accidents in its use will be accepted nor for any other damage of any sort.

Microtron NZ does not take any responsibility for versions of this software modified by others. Microtron NZ is only mentioned as the original developer in these cases.

Copyright © 2021 Microtron NZ. This copyright enabling Microtron NZ to post this software and to develop it further in the future may not be superceded by and after its free provision and possible subsequent development in another direction. Microtron NZ also reserves the right to charge for future versions of this software and to withhold access to that source code.

If you wish to contribute toward the development of this software that would be appreciated. Make it to the following bank account: 06-0313-0252831-00 New Zealand, Microtron NZ.


Download Microtron CSVEditor snapshot source here


Updates list

14 Mar 2021 

Introduced fill right. Created dedicated icon. 

15 Mar 2021

Debugging fill methods.

17 Mar 2021

Release Comobjects, clear all cells on open.


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