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This program uses the new TronListViewLibrary dll. Some minor bugs are expected as is further development. This library has its own paint method and is not derived from listview. Thus more flexibility is achieved.

The typical use of this program is to remind the user by email about a periodic invoice to send or a payment to make. Once action is taken the program can be updated for the next stage to occur, such as receive payment or a receipt. Once a pattern is set it is possible for the program to add new periodic events a year or two ahead, following the same pattern. If this is done the process continues until it is deactivated and an end date is reached.


Remindertron is priced at $40 NZ per computer. You may however test the program for suitability for free. There are no deactivated features while testing.


Download Microtron RemindertronPlus here   Contains TronListViewLibrary DLL (Unofficial release)

For certain parts of USA and other places please pay sales tax to your government if appropriate.


This software is available in USA, Australia, Japan and in Canada BC and Q.


Remindertron characterstics

  • RemindertronPlus can share its database with another RemindertronPlus user. RemindertronPlus lets you know if the underlying database you are browsing has been changed by another user.
  • RemindertronPlus lets you know if your stored event will occur soon. It can email you once for the event or let you know each day by email. An alternative email recipient may also be specified.
  • RemindertronPlus also monitors websites and checks for a string that you specify in the feed from the Internet for that website. You or someone else can be emailed if there is a problem.





Details of use of main form buttons.
List all items Lists all items for all customers. Double clicking the item of interest loads that item.

Check for all due items. List items that are due in the on screen text box. Double clicking the item of interest loads that item.

Check for all unpaid items. List items that are unpaid in the on screen text box. Double clicking the item of interest loads that item.

Customer list. List all customers stored in the system. Double clicking the customer of interest loads that customer.

Item List items belonging to the loaded customer. Double clicking the item of interest loads that item.

Log Show log file handling form.

Check for due next 2 weeks. List items that are due in the next two weeks, in the on screen text box. Double clicking the item of interest loads that item.

Clear messages. Clear the on screen text box.

New item. Initialise a new item for the loaded customer.

List customer items. List all items for the loaded customer.

Show dates for item. List data in the on screen text box for the loaded customer and item.

List unpaid item events. List unpaid events in listview for loaded customer item.

List due item events. List due events in listview for loaded customer item.

List item events. List all events in listview for loaded customer item.


Details of menu options.
Admin->Email-settings Provide email login data to allow the program to make notifications.

Admin->Set-access-network-database-directory Set this location if you do not wish to use the default or you wish to share a database with another user. Set the next menu option for this also.

Admin->Set-active-access-databse-location This can be to either use the default appdata location or to use the location specified in the previous menu item.

Admin->Show-access-database-name This shows the filepath of the currently used access database.

Admin->Admin All admin logins use user: 'admin' and password: 'admin' (was previously 'adminatm'). Set options for 'Skip added dates in log file' (this reduces clutter in the log file), 'Ping settings' (this determines how internet access is determined) and 'Days before event' (this determines how many days before the event notification is first provided).

Database->Add-item-dates-(after existing) Based on the item interval data and start date events are added into the future.

Database->Add-n-item-dates Add a specified number of new event dates according to the stored item interval data.

Database->Delete-unactioned-item-dates Delete loaded item events that have not yet been actioned.

Database->Delete-all-dates-for-item Delete all events for the loaded customer item.

Database->Show-dates-for-item Show data for all loaded customer item events in the on screen text box.

Database->Show-all-event-dates-recorded List all loaded customer item event dates in the on screen text box.

Database->Show-calendar Show interactive calendar form for loaded customer item.

Help->Help Brings of this help information.

Help->Tronlistview info Shows TronListView EULA information. This is mostly relevant if you wish to develop using this DLL.

Web-Admin->Add-new-website-address This form is used to track your websites and monitor is your website is basically functioning correctly. An email is sent if the provided string is not returned from the URL that you entered.

End of menu list


Software Updates


10 October 2021

Initial Post. 


18 Oct 2021

Upgraded scroll bar behaviour for TronListViewLibrary.

3 Nov 2021

Website monitoring - fixed add delete url.

21 Dec 2021

TronListViewLibrary upgraded Cursors.

24 June 2022

Reattached after label edit event. Allows editing of HTML address data.




End-User License Agreement (EULA) of ReminderTronPlus

EULA version as at 27 August 2020 onwards until superceded.
The Microtron website is at https://microtron.co.nz/

Except where otherwise noted, all of the documentation and software included in the ReminderTronPlus Setup package is copyrighted by Microtron Ltd, NZ.

Copyright (C) 2019 Microtron Ltd. New Zealand. All rights reserved.

This program was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 and the setup program created by the Inno Setup Compiler. Though ReminderTronPlus is a comercial product, these other software resources are available free on the Internet and their documentation indicates that they may be used to develop commercial software (see their websites for confirmation).

===This End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you and Microtron Ltd. NZ===

This EULA agreement governs your acquisition and use of our ReminderTronPlus software ("Software") directly from Microtron Ltd. NZ (Microtron Ltd NZ IT Solutions, “company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) or indirectly through a Microtron Ltd. NZ authorized reseller or distributor (a "Reseller").

Please read this EULA agreement carefully before completing the installation process and using the ReminderTronPlus software. It provides a license to use the ReminderTronPlus software and contains warranty information and liability disclaimers.

Though every effort is taken to make the software perform correctly, this software is provided " as-is, " without any implied or express warranty to the extent that this is permissible under law. However, if a bug is reported, an updated version of ReminderTronPlus may be provided as appropriate and possible. In no event shall Microtron Ltd. NZ or the owner of Microtron Ltd NZ be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this program. In particular, it is noted that this software may not be complete in terms of the behaviour of all objects, methods, properties and image handling. Though further development is required, it is at a stage where it can be used for some applications.

Payment of the charges listed below are to be to the following bank account: 06-0313-0252831-00 Microtron Ltd NZ, if you have not already paid. Please use meaningful reference comments including "RTNP", your name and organisation.

By clicking "accept" or installing and/or using the ReminderTronPlus software, you are confirming your acceptance of the Software and agreeing to become bound by the terms of this EULA agreement.

If you are entering into this EULA agreement on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity and its affiliates to these terms and conditions. If you do not have such authority or if you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this EULA agreement, do not install or use the Software, and you must not accept this EULA agreement.

This EULA agreement shall apply only to the Software supplied by Microtron Ltd. NZ herewith regardless of whether other software is referred to or described herein. The terms also apply to any Microtron Ltd. NZ updates, supplements, Internet-based services, and support services for the Software, unless other terms accompany those items on delivery. If so, those terms apply. The initial draft of this EULA was created by EULA Template for ReminderTronPlus.

License Grant

Microtron Ltd. NZ hereby grants you a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use the ReminderTronPlus software on your devices in accordance with the terms of this EULA agreement.

You are permitted to load the ReminderTronPlus software on one device (for example on a PC or laptop) under your control. You are responsible for ensuring your device meets the minimum requirements of the ReminderTron software. The cost for installation of ReminderTron and initiation of development on one single user machine is $40.00 NZ, payable to Microtron Ltd NZ IT Solutions. Communal workstation machines can have one license but not servers where multiple use occurs.

You are not permitted to:
• Edit, alter, modify, adapt, translate or otherwise change the whole or any part of the Software, nor decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the Software or attempt to do any such things
• Allow any third party to use the Software on behalf of or for the benefit of any third party without the application of this EULA and the specified use and payments above.
• Use the Software in any way which breaches any applicable local, national or international law
• use the Software for any purpose that Microtron Ltd. NZ considers is a breach of this EULA agreement

Intellectual Property and Ownership
Microtron Ltd. NZ shall at all times retain ownership of the Software as originally downloaded by you and all subsequent downloads of the Software by you. The Software (and the copyright, and other intellectual property rights of whatever nature in the Software, including any modifications made by us thereto) are and shall remain the property of Microtron Ltd. NZ.

Microtron Ltd. NZ reserves the right to grant licences to use the Software to third parties.

This EULA agreement is effective from the date you first use the Software and shall continue until terminated. You may terminate it at any time upon written notice to Microtron Ltd. NZ. You must however delete all copies of this software that you have. The protections of for Microtron Ltd NZ still persist after termination occurs. Because this software is so reasonably priced and it can be evaluated before purchase, refunds are not available.

It will also terminate immediately if you fail to comply with any term of this EULA agreement. Upon such termination, the licenses granted by this EULA agreement will immediately terminate and you agree to stop all access and use of the Software. The provisions that by their nature continue and survive will survive any termination of this EULA agreement.

Governing Law

This EULA agreement, and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this EULA agreement, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.

Privacy Agreement

1. What Information Do We Collect?
2. Will Your Information Be Shared With Anyone Else?
3. How Do We Use Your Information?
4. How Long Do We Keep Your Information?
5. How Do We Keep Your Information Secure?
6. Do We Use Tracking Technologies?
7. What Is Our Stance On Third-Party Developers or Users?
8. What Are Your Privacy Rights?
9. Do We Collect Data From Minors?
10. Do We Make Updates To This Policy?
11. How Can You Contact Us?

1. What Information Do We Collect?
The only information we receive is your reference data with your payment.

2. Will Your Information Be Shared With Anyone Else?
Only our employees and bank will be able to access this information.

3. How Do We Use Your Information?
We use the information to confirm that sales tax has been correctly dealt with. We also use the information to confirm that you have provided a payment to our bank if you do not use the Ecwid store and then to reply to you with assistance on a limited basis.

4. How Long Do We Keep Your Information?
We do not destroy bank records but email information may be deleted as needed, however we only refer to these if there is a need, which would normally be a request from you. We do not refer to records unless needed.

5. How Do We Keep Your Information Secure?
Our systems are password protected and located on a private site.

6. Do We Use Tracking Technologies?
We use no tracking technologies as we rely on your honesty to achieve sales transactions.

7. What Is Our Stance On Third-Party Developers or Users?
We are not responsible for the safety of any information that you share with third-party providers that relates to our product.

8. What Are Your Privacy Rights?
We offer the option that you may request any emails that you have sent to us, to be deleted.

9. Do We Collect Data From Minors?
A minor would not normally be able to register a transaction with our bank. As far as email is concerned, we normally base our decision to respond to an email on the presence of a bank payment. There may be some exceptions regarding potential customers appraising this product, however we only answer valid questions of this nature.

10. Do We Make Updates To This Policy?
We make updates as necessary to remain compliant with relevant laws.

11. How Can You Contact Us?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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